Frank 15 aprilie 2018

Ioana is a multitasking kid!

    Ioana is a very open, communicative and analytical child. Every time, they analyze in detail and then apply.
He is an active person who likes to help and get involved in any activity or project. Follow and finish everything starts.
     She is a child who understands and tends towards performance. He has many active passions: singing, guitar, piano, volleyball, taekwondo, theater, programming, math, biology, physics and chemistry.
    The most relaxing moments, as she says, are moments when they work on math or program and listen to music.
It is music that makes the balance between logic and sensitivity.
    She is generous, volunteer and sociable.
It’s a sensible thread, though, rarely you can figure out whether it has emotions or not because it manages them pretty well.
     She wants to participate in competitions or Olympiads in general because she considers them to be a landmark in her evolution, and she learns from these experiences the most.

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