Frank 15 aprilie 2018

Mihai was singing since he was 4 when he was discovered by his sister, and then went to the teacher named Aurelia Vaida. Andreea, his sister, was a model for him, because she was singing too and she cared for Mihai a lot  in order to become better and better.

Music is part of our lives !!!

Mihai has participated at  various national and international  musical competitions and even he is 10 years old , he gained/ obtained over 100 trophies and 150 diplomas. 
He had many TV appearances, the most important of which was the participation on Antena 1 tv,  the Next Star show- 2017. He won,   with a  family moment (singing with  his sister and his mother), the 6th edition with GOLDEN STAR  from CRBL-a famous member of jury. In the grand final, also with a family moment, Mihai won the third place, mentioning that the top three ranked had 10 on the line, according to the jury.

Mihai has already his first single, „I’m happy,” with the help of the Production house named Level up music for kids.

Recently,  on February 28, he won the Grand Prix and 1st place (duet with mother) in an international competition „Ukraine unites the world”, where he represented Romania and competed with participants from 9 countries.

He is studying and playing the piano for 3 years.

He wants to persevere  in music and become a great artist on international stages.

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