Frank 16 aprilie 2018

Daciana Constantea

  Constantea Daciana Laura, only 14 years old from Turzii Plain, participated in numerous competitions and festivals where she managed to interpret the distinction of some well-known songs from the international repertoire, approaching very difficult songs.

  Daciana Laura Oana’s career is just beginning, her talent is now known abroad, being broadcast on the radio station „Kids One FM 103.9”.

  This spring, Constanta Daciana Laura Oana received the approval to be broadcast with three songs from her musical repertoire, Say you love me, Stone Cols and Writing, on the wall.

On July 3, 2003, he played a musical debut

  Her dream is to progress artistically as harmoniously as possible and to study in the future with more in-depth musical studies through the Conservatory, working in the studio and with different composers who want to support her and be a recognized national and international music star.

  Sacrifices have been and will be but the basis of desire and personality combined with seriousness and intense work, it may be a way of remarking.

She has 100 awards with the help of the soprano teacher Anca Parlog.

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  1. A beautiful and talented young lad with the voice of an Angel and a beautiful future in music .. Love our amazing Artist ❤❤💕💕❤❤💕💕😍😍😍😘😘😘

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