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Neuroendocrine cancer of the cervix.

The prevalence of diabetes mellitus is increasing. It is estimated that diabetes affects million people worldwide. It is predicted that million people worldwide will develop diabetes by This is the reason to firmly suggest the inclusion of DM in the criteria for CRC screening as an important measure to decrease the mortality of this ailment.

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Balaban Abstract Full Text Abstract : Background: Neuroendocrine tumors of the pancreas NTP comprise a unique and relatively rare group of tumors, of which gastrinoma and insulinoma are the most common types. Insulinomas tend to be small, solitary and benign, with surgical resection curable in most cases. Purpose: Endoscopic ultrasound EUS is a valuable tool in the diagnosis of insulinomas.

The sensitivity of CT was unsatisfactory, CT failed to detect liver metastases, but identified nodal metastasis in one patient. MRI was performed in 18 patients and was diagnostic in 11 of them, recording a detection sensitivity of EUS has a high resolution which allows detection of lesions with very small diameter is safe and minimally invasive.

Treatment update on neuroendocrine cancers

Conclusions: - CT with intravenous iodinated contrast agent had a poor sensitivity in neuroendocrine cancer connection the primary tumors, was insensitive in detecting liver metastases, but showed metastases in lymph nodes. Material and method: The patient was extensively evaluated before presentation for a mild iron - deficiency anemia for which she underwent endoscopic examination of the upper and lower gastrointestinal tract- normal.

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These changes along with the marked reticulocytosis on the peripheral blood smear oriented us towards neuroendocrine cancer connection hemolytic anemia; Folic acid, vitamin B12, autoimmune tests and hemolytic tests were all normal. We continued the investigations with a thoraco-abdominopelvic computed tomography which identified diffuse demineralization, vertebral compactation and pelvic stress fractures.

The breast examination revealed a neuroendocrine cancer connection breast nodule, but the breast ultrasonography pleaded for benignity.

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Lacking neuroendocrine cancer connection clear definitive diagnosis neuroendocrine cancer connection decided to perform a bone marrow biopsy. Results: The osteo- medullary biopsy pointed towards a medullar invasion from a lobular mammary carcinoma; In these circumstances we performed an ultrasound guided biopsy of the right mammary lump thus histologically confirming a tumoral invasion of the bone marrow with subsequent anemia.

The patient started chemotherapy in the Oncology ward. Conclusion: The particularity of this case consists in the neuroendocrine cancer connection of anemia, which initially seemed iron deficient and afterwards macrocytic — apparently hemolytic and was actually due to the tumoral medullar invasion and also the nonspecific ultrasonographic appearance of the breast tumor.

Autor: Dolfi Alexandrapublicat la Diagnosticul anatomopatologic în cancer este diagnosticul de certitudine. Nici clinica și nicio altă investigație paraclinică incluzând imagistica nu pot oferi un diagnostic de certitudine ci doar o suspiciune de diagnostic.

Culprits in non-celiac gluten-sensitivity Author : Vasile D. Costache, Petru?

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