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    Affiliated Pacific Island Jurisdictions, especially with this pandemic affecting the whole world. Here is an colorectal cancer control program shared by Dr.

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    Neal Palafox who says: " The answers do not lie elsewhere For example, the recommendations in the US and globally to go home and isolate yourself assumes that such a recommendation can be done everywhere and is effective.

    Clearly, many of your communities have taken steps to address these issues.

    colorectal cancer control program

    Many are in various states of readiness. And of course, what makes an adequate COVID response colorectal cancer control program, and readiness difficult is that everything is changing constantly, and the COVID recommendations globally affect what you all do or don't do.

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    In a traditional way, literally, you are building the sailing canoe while you are sailing in rough and uncharted waters. In the article, many of the issues regarding the inability of the health care system to respond to people who live far from health care services, of a culture whose strength and identity is found in the connectivity of the extended family, who have significant cultural and family, frame the difficulty of social distancing and health care access during the COVID pandemic.

    colorectal cancer control program

    Many of community characteristics described in the article may be similar to your community's social organization and healthcare dynamic. Part of the message is, don't wait until COVD hits. It has the potential to enter silently, transmit quickly, and hurt the entire community badly for a long long time.

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