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Hpv virus only sexually transmitted, Hpv virus is it an std, Hpv virus is it an std. Human papillomavirus (hpv) in mouth

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In a press conference held at IPN, Elena Bîtcă, from the Orthodox Lawyers Movement, said that the request is to return to the initial situation, when the Gardasil vaccine was only optional. The president of the Independent Information Center, Natalia Șalari, noted that the vaccine covers only four strains of the virus, but they are many more and thus women are not protected from the disease even if they get the shot.

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On the other hand, she cited international studies showing that Gardasil comes with multiple serious side reactions, such as infertility, disability and even death.

The authorities are reluctant to report that some countries, such as Japan, have discontinued vaccination with Gardasil because of the proven complications.

Hpv virus only sexually transmitted

Mihail Silviu Chirilă, a lawyer and publicist from Romania, said that in the Romanian Government had the same intention to introduce the Gardasil vaccine.

However, the information on the side effects of the vaccine on girls, provided by the USA, prompted authorities to abandon the project.

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Cervical cancer develops as a result of the human papilloma virus, which is sexually transmitted, hpv virus only sexually transmitted appeal signatories noted.

They wonder why year-old girls who do not have an active sex life should be vaccinated. They also said that there are unofficial reports showing that the hpv virus only sexually transmitted of women diagnosed with cancer annually is around The Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Security has submitted to the public debates the project to introduce the human papillomavirus vaccine in the National Immunization Calendar of The target group in will be girls who turned 10 years old, born in The vaccination will be performed free of charge.

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Egalitate de Gen Your browser does not support the audio tag. Elena Bitca despre vaccinare.

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